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Our Story

Joanie Flowers is the founder and heart of the Cherry Ed brand.  With a love for teaching young children, she is passionate about supporting those who help children on their learning journey. 

Joanie considers herself an edu-prenuer: an entrepreneur in the field of education.

She is creative, innovative and always keen to learn.


Joanie believes the effective learning practices that are used in schools can also be used at home. Parents can teach their children; whether to prepare them for school, support them while they are at school, or via home-schooling at home. With much experience and delight, as a teacher, mum and edu-prenuer, Joanie shares practical tips on her YouTube channel Teaching Young Children, and has created The Blendten kit to support young children's early literacy and numeracy learning.

Basic bio:

  • Bachelor Education

  • Master Education (Educational Leadership)

  • Currently in 13th year of primary teaching which has been mostly in Kindergarten and Year 1

  • Former homeschooler

  • Content creator for Teaching Young Children 

  • Product designer of The Blendten kit

  • Mumma to 6 plus 2 'children-in-loves'

  • Lolli to 4

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