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  • What age is the BLENDTEN Kit designed for?
    The Blendten Kit is designed especially for children that are beginning to learn to blend sounds and learn number facts to ten. Generally, children will be at these developmental stages around 4-6 years of age: however, as children each learn at their own pace, this may vary. See 'How to teach your child to read and spell' in SUPPORT RESOURCES, for tips on how to introduce sounds and letters using the kit.
  • Why are the letters black?
    The letters in the Blendten kit are deliberately black to prevent visual distraction caused by colour. This allows children to focus on the letter shape without the stimulation of multiple colours.
  • Why are there grey 'e's?
    The grey 'e's have been deliberately designed to assist children to recognise a common use of the letter e: silent 'e's. Children will notice that the 'e' can be black within a word, and will regularly have no sound when at the end of a word. This understanding follows learning to blend sounds that use short vowel sounds.
  • How will I know how to use the Blendten kit?
    The site has a library of videos under the SUPPORT RESOURCES tab. If you have a question about using the kit for a particular learning need, or a question about teaching young children, please email us at, and we will create a video to assist.
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